E2™ Brand Hitch Now the Fastway® e2™ Hitch

PROVO, Utah – Progress Mfg. Inc., makers of Fastway® trailer products have recently merged the E2 sway control hitch with the Fastway product line. The Fastway e2™ Hitch (formerly the E2™ brand hitch) is a faster and easier way to tow with sway control. Combining weight distribution and sway control into one system, the Fastway e2 Hitch does not require additional equipment to get great towing.

The hitch was previously called the E2 brand hitch. Progress Mfg. Inc. felt the attributes of the sway control hitch fit well into the Fastway brand mission and merged it into the Fastway product line as the Fastway e2 Hitch. “The Fastway brand is about products that make towing chores faster and easier to do,” said Marketing Generalist Dave Lewis. “The e2 hitch fits in this brand perfectly. It eliminates several hassles associated with add-on sway controllers, making hitching faster and easier than other options on the market. It just made sense to merge these two brands together.”

The Fastway e2 Hitch will be available in January 2011. “Customers can expect to see new stickers, packaging, and advertising, but the hitch itself will be kept the same,” said Lewis.

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