Trailer accessories that can make as many journeys as you.

Whether you are heading to a job site or out for the weekend, you want trailer gear that works as hard and as smart as you do. Fastway makes hooking up your trailer faster and easier. Our innovative trailer accessories have been featured in Popular Mechanics and have won national awards. When you tow your trailer with the Fastway line you get state-of-the-art engineering and strength with unmatched good looks.

e2™ Hitch

For the best and safest towing experience, you need both weight distribution and sway control.

FLASH™ Ball Mounts

Our ball mounts make towing different trailers a snap by offering you a faster, easier way to tow.

Flip™ Jack Foot

Forget the hassles of using wood blocks or storing an extension for your trailer's tongue jack.

Zip™ Breakaway Cable

With the Fastway Zip there are no frayed ends or cables dragging on the ground.

ONEstep™ Wheel Chocks

The ONEstep chock is the fastest and easiest tandem axle wheel chock available.


Fastway locks are made from the highest quality corrosion resistant material, providing maximum security and peace of mind.


It's the little things in life that mean the most. At Fastway we want you to forget about your troubles by solving them with our fantastic accessories!

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