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The best breakaway cable, ever.

Is your old breakaway cable dragging on the ground? Is it frayed or broken? Stop stabbing your fingers on an old rusty cable. Replace it with the new Fastway® Zip™ breakaway cable; the cable that doesn't drag.

The Fastway Zip keeps the cable up off the ground and out of harm’s way while you’re towing. And when you’re not towing, the cable easily clips to itself and stays out of the way, instead of dangling all over the front of the trailer.

The Zip is the best breakaway cable you can buy. To find out more, scroll down for detailed product information, videos, customer reviews and specifications.

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Product Description



There is a Zip breakaway cable to fit every trailer owner’s needs. We have two different lengths of cables in 3 different styles. The 4′ cables we recommend for bumper pull trailers, and the 6′ cables we recommend for gooseneck or 5th wheel applications.

Zip Cable and Switch

For those who need to replace their entire breakaway safety system. We include a switch box with the coiled cable.


Zip Cable and Pin

For those who want to upgrade their cable and also need a new pin for their existing switch. The pin is compatible with all Zip® switches, most Bargman®brand breakaway switches, and other makes with similar pin styles.


Zip Universal Replacement

For those who want to upgrade their cable but have a pin style different than the Zip pin style. The Zip universal cable replacement is designed with a split ring to easily thread onto your existing pin.


With the Fastway Zip there are no frayed ends or cables dragging on the ground. The unique coiled cable of the Zip easily stretches to your tow vehicle and clips right on with the included carabiner. There is no looping over and around the trailer tongue to keep the cable out of the way. It is  faster, easier and safer than standard breakaway cables. With the Fastway Zip you get:

  • A safer, more reliable, legal connection
  • Easy attachment with included spring clip
  • No more stabbed fingers
  • No more frayed or broken cables

We have two different lengths of cables in three different styles. We recommend the 4′ cables for bumper pull trailers and the 6′ cables  for gooseneck and 5th wheel trailers.

The Zip quickly replaces your current breakaway system with its coated, high-strength coiled cable, split ring and easy-to-use carabiner. Replacing your bad cable is quick and easy. Just clip your bad cable off the pin, then thread your switch pin onto the Zip’s split ring.

With a new Zip cable, you won’t have to hassle with a dragging, frayed or broken breakaway cable, which means both you and your trailer are a lot safer on the road!

5 reviews for Zip™ Breakaway Cable

  1. 5 out of 5


    After I bought a Zip for us, and we saw how great it worked, we have bought a bunch for gifts. Now my father, friends, brother and neighbor all have one. They are the single best thing you can do for trailer safety. When you think about how much you spend on your truck and trailer, why would you not put $20 into making sure you are safe on the road? Thanks for a fantastic product, Fastway! We are gong to keep referring our friends to you!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I can’t say enough great things about the Zip. I love how it coils up and doesn’t drag on the ground. My old cable was fraying and poked me every time I used it. Such a great product!

  3. 5 out of 5


    The Zip is awesome. The old traditional cable frays so fast. Its nice to have the peace of mind and safety the Zip offers.

  4. 5 out of 5


    My cable probably still had some life left, but when I saw the Zip on the counter at the dealership, I thought it looked like a great product. This one purchase has led to me buying a number of things from Fastway. I am always so impressed by the quality of each product. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!

  5. 5 out of 5


    I bought a Zip for my brother who is a mechanic. After he installed it, he purchased an entire box and gives them away to his trailer customers, because he was so impressed with how well they work.

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