Keeping your hitch ball greased up is a messy necessity. Other covers are available, but what do you do with them while you are towing? A Ziploc® bag in the glove box is not a great solution!

That’s why you need the Fastway tethered Ball Cover. It keeps the grease off your clothes and everything else when you’re not towing, and has a convenient tether that loops around your hitch ball to keep the cover right there while you’re towing so it’s easy to find when you’re done.

Two different models are available: one for a 2″ ball, and one for a 2-5/16″ ball. 

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Tethered Ball Cover

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Lubing your hitch ball is good. Getting grease all over your pants is not.

Don’t waste time trying to get the grease off you and your kids, instead, grab a Fastway® tethered Ball Cover. This ingenious solution will keep grease off your clothes, and it has a handy tether to keep it in place while you are towing your trailer.

Two different models are available: one for a 2” ball, and one for a 2-5/16” ball.

Let the new Fastway tethered Ball Cover take away some of the hassle and mess of keeping your hitch ball lubed up properly.

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