2-Point™ Sway Control

With the record heat of this summer fading in the rear-view mirror, the promise of delightful fall camping gets closer and closer. There is always time for one more trip, and wherever you go for that vacation, we want to make sure you get there safely.

Proper hitching of your tow vehicle and trailer not only helps your equipment last and perform properly but will provide the maximum sway control for a safer journey. The Fastway® e2® Hitch has 2-Point Sway Control, which offers constant resistance to sway caused by hazards like towing heavy loads, passing semi-trucks, fighting crosswinds, or making quick maneuvers. The built-in sway control also allows the e2 to have no backing, turning, or weather restrictions.

e2 hitch

By properly hitching up the e2, your family can enjoy a safer trip and make unforgettable new memories.

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