4 Towing Must-Haves for Less Than $9

Fastway® gear makes towing faster and easier every time you tow. We asked a few of our Fastway experts which product was their favorite, and why they recommend it to their friends. Read below to see how Fastway accessories can save you time and hassle, and help avoid expensive repairs.


The Fastway tethered 7-PIN PLUG COVER is the fast and easy way to keep corrosion, water, ice, dirt and debris out of your 7-pin wiring harness. The tether keeps the plug attached to your trailer, so once you're done towing it's right there for you to put over your wiring harness. The plug cover eliminates expensive maintenance costs that come when having to replace a plug. Cost: $5.95

"Last summer we hooked up our trailer for a trip, when we noticed our trailer lights weren't working. When we narrowed the problem to our 7-way, we realized it had corroded due to water getting in the plug. Even after cleaning the plug with a wire brush, our trailer lights still weren't working. We called a mechanic, and had the plug replaced. This delayed our trip by a few hours, and was a huge inconvenience. With the 7-pin plug cover, we know our plug is safe from dirt and corrosion." -Lori G."


Lubing your hitch ball properly is an important step to get the best performance from your hitch. The Fastway tethered Ball Cover allows you to keep your hitch ball lubed, without getting grease on your clothes, hands, or kids. Cost: $5.95

"Lubing a hitch ball is a messy job. Our ball cover decreases the number of times I have to lube my hitch ball, and keeps me from getting grease on my pants." -Jason H.


The Fastway CHAIN UP™ is the best way to eliminate the clanking, sparking, and wear of dragging safety chains. With the CHAIN UP you'll never have to twist your chains again, keeping you and your trailer safer on the road. Cost: $8.95

"When you twist your safety chains, they cannot work the way they are designed, potentially making them weaker. In addition to extending the life of your safety chains, the CHAIN UP also eliminates the sparks caused by dragging safety chains. With the CHAIN UP, I know my chains are safely off the ground and I won't have to potentially replace my trailer chains in the future." -Matt B.


Keep your shins safe from scraping against the hard steel edges of your ball mount by using Fastway SHIN GUARD. Cost: $8.95

"I've hit my shin on a ball mount so many times I can't count! It leaves a pretty big bruise, and has broken my skin a number of times. Plastic is a lot more forgiving than mental, which makes a difference if you do hit your shin on your ball mount. The SHIN GUARD® saves you a trip inside for a band-aid and a few days of pain." -Dane A.

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