A Complete Guide to FLASH Ball Mount Maintenance

Keep your FLASH™ ball mount looking and working like new! Just like any trailer gear, ball mounts require maintenance to perform optimally and look fantastic. For a complete guide on each of our FLASH ball mounts, click on the infographic below.

Flash infographic

FLASH Aluminum Ball Mounts

FLASH aluminum ball mounts are strong enough to tow your heaviest loads, yet lightweight and easy to adjust. By properly cleaning and protecting your aluminum ball mount, it will look great and tow great for years! Click on the infographic above for maintenance tips for your FLASH aluminum ball mount.

Adjustable Locking Ball Mount (ALBM)

Silent Tow Ball Mount (STBM)

Integrated Scale Ball Mount (ISBM)

E Series Ball Mount

FLASH Steel Ball Mounts

With massive tow ratings and a solid shank made from forged steel, the Solid Steel Ball Mount (SSBM) is the strongest ball mount on the road. Its powder coated finish resists rust and looks fantastic on your truck! Keep your steel ball mount looking and working great with the tips in the infographic above.

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