FLASH™ SCALE Claims PRI Best Accessory Product

The 2021 Performance Racing Industry trade show in Indianapolis brought together the racing world’s newest and best products. As one of the leaders in the racing industry, PRI has hosted the nation’s top innovators and products for 33 years. With more than 70,000 people and 1,100 companies in attendance, it is one of the largest racing trade shows in the country.

More than 340 entries, broken down into eight categories, were submitted to be part of PRI’s “Featured Product Awards” program. Voting on these products was done by a panel of 12 judges featuring journalists, social media influencers, and racing officials. The FLASH™ SCALE Ball Mount, by Fastway Trailer Products®, made its PRI debut and stole the show by winning Best Accessory Product.

“We are very excited for the FLASH SCALE to be recognized at such a prestigious event,” said Jason Irvine, Fastway Trailer Products sales representative. “The FLASH SCALE is such an exciting product that is a game-changer for anyone who tows a trailer. Now, instead of guessing if they have a proper tongue weight, trailer owners will easily know their tongue weight and make adjustments needed for safe towing.”

The FLASH SCALE ball mount features a mechanical tongue scale built into the ball mount that measures the tongue weight of the trailer load, providing safer, more confident towing. Proper tongue weight can also improve steering, braking control and reduce trailer sway.

Tongue weight is the downward force of the trailer on the hitch ball on the back of the tow vehicle. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, too much or insufficient tongue weight causes a significant number of trailer accidents. The FLASH SCALE simplifies the trailer loading process by accurately displaying tongue weight to help balance the trailer load.

“Tongue weight is extremely important for safe towing but is often ignored because, without the right tool, it can be difficult to measure,” said Matt Barnes, a Fastway Trailer Products engineer and designer of the SCALE ball mount. “The SCALE ball mount allows for every individual who tows, new or experienced, to know exactly what their tongue weight is and what is needed to make it right, providing a safer tow.”

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