Why You Need The Fortress Coupler Lock

Travel trailers provide an exciting way for people to enjoy the great outdoors without having to worry about booking hotels and suitcases, but they’re also a big responsibility. Whether you travel alone or with your family, the trailer is your home away from home, and needs to be protected. While locking the windows and installing a GPS tracker can work at a glance, crafty thieves won’t be deterred by the bare basics. That’s why you need the Fastway FORTRESS Coupler Lock to prevent thieves from hooking your trailer to their vehicle.

How Often Are Travel Trailers Stolen?

The frequency of travel trailer theft varies greatly depending on where you live, and due to varying state laws, there isn’t a consistent data set to draw from. For example, in South Carolina, trailers are not legally required to be registered or given license tags. As Sgt. Philip Wilkie of Spartanburg County points out, both utility and recreational trailers are often targeted by thieves. And due to the lack of legally recognized identification, a stolen trailer can lead to its owner suffering a complete loss.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has recently reported on a growing trend throughout 2022, where local Sheriff’s offices are providing free trailer stamping and building a database of trailer owners tied to descriptions of the property. This is intended to help place a recovered trailer back with its owner. In many states, a ransacked trailer often never makes it back to its original owner.

What Does The Fortress Coupler Lock Do?

The photo to the side speaks volumes to the value of the Fortress Coupler Lock. Rather than having to manually set and lock a massive metal contraption to secure your trailer coupler, Fastway’s FORTRESS Lock offers a compact and easy-to-install way to keep your trailer safe.

When your trailer coupler is not attached to a ball mount, its open and vulnerable to thieves. The moment you’re away, they can rig the trailer to their vehicle and drive off with your belongings! Fastway’s FORTRESS Lock ensures that’s not possible by fully blocking your coupler from rigging to a foreign vehicle.

Our coupler lock is corrosion resistant and suitable for virtually ever coupler style available. Its hinged cover protects against the elements while also providing the best defense against those who would attempt to remove it.

The Essential Lock For Your Towing Setup: Fastway’s Fortress Coupler Lock

When you’re done driving for the day, set up your wheel chocks and lock your trailer coupler with the fantastic lineup here at Fastway Trailer Products. A GPS may help you after the fact, but the best comfort is to avoid the headache altogether. To protect against theft with a simple and easy to use coupler lock, trust Fastway’s FORTRESS on your next towing adventure.

For more information on Fastway’s FORTRESS Coupler Lock, visit the product page here. And for a full lineup of Fastway Trailer products to explore, check out our store catalogue here.

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