Hitch vs Ball Mount | What's the Difference?

If you've ever hitched a trailer to your vehicle, then you're probably familiar with ball mounts. But what exactly are they? And, how do they differ from trailer hitches? Both trailer hitches and ball mounts are essential to towing, but people often don't know the difference. If you’re new to towing or just trying to make the most informed decision; read on to learn the difference between a trailer hitch and ball mount.

What is a Hitch Receiver?

While a car receiver refers to a component of car stereo, a hitch receiver usually refers a receiver tube like in the image to the right.

A hitch receiver tube is a metal tube that mounts to the frame of a vehicle. It is used to attach a hitch-mounted accessory, such as a ball mount. Hitch receiver tubes are available in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate different types of hitch-mounted accessories.

The hitch receiver tube is held in place by a pin, which go through the holes on the side of the receiver tube. If your vehicle does not come with a hitch receiver, it can be ordered online and installed like in the video here.

Ball Mounts vs Hitches

Both ball mounts and trailer hitches are receiver-mounted vehicle accessories intended to attach trailers to vehicles. The big difference is that a trailer hitch includes a ball mount as part of a larger mechanism.

While the stand-alone ball mount is cheaper and easier to install, the e2® hitch from Fastway Trailer offers better sway control and weight distribution. This in turn, alleviates the burden on the back end of the chassis, which helps level the load far better than a stand-alone ball mount can accomplish.

A hitch is the best option when towing heavy loads like a travel camper or another vehicle. However, if you’re towing light cargo like bike racks or a wheelchair, then a simple ball mount can get the job done without a problem.

For a heavy load or a long trip, we recommend a trailer hitch. If the load is light, and you have a heavy vehicle, a simple ball mount is the way to go. Whatever your towing needs may be, count on Fastway Trailer for top quality towing accessories. made in America.

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