How to Avoid and Combat Trailer Sway

Trailer sway or fishtailing is a common problem that can occur when towing a trailer. It happens when the trailer begins to move independently of the towing vehicle, causing it to sway back and forth. This can be dangerous and lead to loss of control of the vehicle. Luckily, when towing with an e2 hitch from Fastway, your hitch works to distribute weight and combat sway, keeping you safer on the road. Regardless of your hitch, here are five key tips you can follow that will help prevent and reduce sway, even before you are on the road.

1 – Proper Set-Up

The first step to combating trailer sway is to make sure your e2 Hitch is set up properly. A few adjustments can make a major difference, and the best place to start is by using the OnTarget Towing Tool. Simply take a few quick measurements and this tool will calculate your weight distribution percentage. This will identify if and when adjustments are needed on your towing setup. It also offers other benefits including a laser-distance measuring feature to help the other side of setup, when you’re putting out your trailer awning for the night.

2 – Check Your Tire Pressure

Maintaining the correct tire pressure is essential for safe and efficient driving. This is especially true when towing a trailer as trailer sway can occur if the tires are not properly inflated. Tire pressure affects everything from stability and handling to braking and fuel efficiency. By ensuring that your tires are inflated to the recommended level, you can reduce the risk of trailer sway and improve the overall safety of your vehicle. So, take the time to check your tire pressure regularly and make any necessary adjustments before hitting the road with a trailer. It's a small step that can make a big difference.

3 – Choose The Right Trailer

There are two key aspects to your towing setup; your trailer and your tow vehicle. Chances are, you’re not going to trade in your truck or other primary vehicle purely for towing purposes. Instead, its far more important to be selective with the trailer you choose. If your trailer is too heavy for the tow vehicle, it may not be possible to avoid trailer sway. The best way to mitigate this is by using the e2 Hitch to distribute the trailer weight across the tow vehicle as much as possible.

4 – Drive Cautiously

On the road, a safe driver is always aware of potential hazards and take precautions to avoid accidents. One of the greatest risks when towing a trailer is trailer sway, which can occur when you're driving too fast, if the trailer has not been loaded correctly or when strong winds are blowing from the side. Our best advice is to use common safe. Drive a safe speed, maintain a generous following distance, and avoid sudden maneuvers. This includes swerving, hard braking, and other actions that may initiate trailer sway. Regardless of your equipment, there is no replacement for following the rules of the road.

5 – Load Your Trailer Strategically

Properly distributing the weight in your trailer is key to mitigating sway. If the trailer is loaded with too much weight in the back, it can cause the front of the trailer to lift and increase its sway. On the other hand, if the weight is too far forward, the trailer can become heavier in the front and be harder to control. The ideal trailer load is evenly distributed and tightly secured to prevent shifting while in transit. The heavier items should be placed towards the front of the trailer, while still spreading the weight out across the trailer body.

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Trailer sway is a dangerous, yet common problem that many RV and trailer owners face on the road. The swaying motion can make driving unstable and unpredictable, leading to potential disaster. The e2 Hitch is a solution that can help stop trailer sway before it even starts. With its advanced design and innovative technology, this hitch system can give you the peace of mind you need while towing your trailer.

Whether you're driving across the country or just heading out on a weekend getaway, the e2 Hitch can help keep you and your passengers safe on the road. Say goodbye to trailer sway and start enjoying the open road with the e2 Hitch today!

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