How to Winterize the e2® Hitch

When winterizing your trailer, it is a great time to quickly complete the Fastway® e2® Hitch Winterization checklist. It only takes a few minutes and will keep your e2 hitch in top condition. Print out the checklist and infographic below, and keep them in your trailer as a reference for next season too!

1. Wipe and clean the hitch including the trailer brackets.

2. Protect any exposed metal to prevent rust.

3. Store the hitch (shank/head and spring arms) in a clean dry location - garage, shed, basement, etc.

4. Come next year, don't forget to lubricate the hitch before towing again. Lube the ends of the spring bars that insert into the head - vertical section of round bar arms and trunnion tips of trunnion arms. Also, place a thin film of grease all around the hitch ball.

Print out the infographic below for a quick and easy reference sheet to use when winterizing the e2 hitch.


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