Introducing the FLASH Solid Steel Ball Mount

Introducing the newest ball mount addition to the Fastway® FLASH™ Ball Mount family, the Solid Steel Ball Mount (SSBM). The SSBM is the first steel ball mount in the FLASH™ line, and is made to tow your heaviest trailers.

The SSBM is engineered with a solid (not hollow) shank from forged steel, making it the strongest steel ball mount on the road. Its impressive tow ratings range from 12,000 lb max trailer weight for the standard model to 20,000 lb max trailer weight for the HD model.

"We've been looking forward to the launch of the SSBM," says Jason Harper, Fastway Engineer. "It's our first steel ball mount, and we're excited to provide the option for our customers to choose a steel or aluminum ball mount."

The SSBM's black powder coat finish looks fantastic, and is made to resist the harshest environments - giving you the confidence that your ball mount will perform and look great for years.

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