Round Bars vs Trunnion Bars

Weight distribution hitches and related products often seem confusing to outsiders and newbies to the trailer space. After all, at a glance these two hitches seem indistinguishable from one another. Of course when making a big decision like buying a high quality trailer hitch, it's only fitting to do your research and try to become as informed as possible. And for that purpose, we’ll be discussing the biggest differences between round bar and trunnion bar hitches.

What are Spring Bars?

Both round and trunnion bars fall under the umbrella of “spring bars”. Spring Bars are the metal bars attached to the ball mount and placed under tension. This tension on the spring bars keeps them taut and acts as an opposing force to the trailer weight, which would otherwise weigh heavily on the backside of the towing vehicle.

The photo to the right is the typical example a round bar weight distribution hitch, the e2 by Fastway.

Round and Trunnion bars both accomplish the same purpose, just with slightly differing designs. The most visible difference being the rigid style of trunnion bars contrasting the smoother visual appearance of round bars.

What’s the difference between Round Bars & Trunnion Bars?

The biggest difference between round bars and trunnion bars is the way they attach to the ball mount. Trunnion style bars are generally easier to hook up since they slide into the head of the hitch from the side or back. This also allows for greater ground clearance than round bars typically offer. Lastly, trunnion bars are typically able to tow heavier amounts of weight than round bars. Trunnion bars can be a little more expensive, but the price difference is generally negligible.

Which Spring Bar is the Best?

Both spring bars provide weight distribution and sway control. Objectively speaking, trunnion bars are not necessarily better than round bars. However, trunnions usually provide more clearance and can tow heavier trailers. Depending on the manufacturer, the biggest difference between a trunnion and round bar hitch is where the brackets can be installed on the trailer frame. For example, the e2 trunnion hitch brackets are mounted 27”-30” back from the center of the hitch ball. The e2 round bar are mounted 24”-27” back from the center of the hitch ball. When deciding between the two models, take a minute and measure your trailer frame and clearance, and that will help you decide which model is best for you.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. For an interactive price comparison, check out the e2 Hitch Customization page. And for more trailer hitch insights like these, be sure to follow Fastway Trailer products on Facebook here.

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