Safe Towing Tips From Fastway's Engineers

Driving with another set of wheels and a whole lot more weight creates an entirely new driving experience. If you aren't careful, you can make a mistake that could harm your handling and steering of the towing vehicle. To avoid accidents and danger, you need some of the top towing tips from our experts here at Fastway Trailer Products.

Start by doing a safety check on your vehicle—check the brakes and tires, make sure the hitch is properly secured, and that all the towing equipment is in working order. It's also important to adhere to certain speed limits when towing; for example, you should never exceed the speed limit when on the highway with a trailer. Lastly, try and give yourself extra room when braking or turning; this will help ensure you stay in control.

Before each and every journey, take the time to check that your trailer is firmly attached to your vehicle and loaded correctly. Remember to include weight distribution if you're carrying heavy items and that your hitch has easy access for coupling. Take extra care when reversing or maneuvering sharp turns, going uphill or downhill — all of which can be challenging with an attached trailer. Lastly, always ensure that you have adequate brakes on both the car and the trailer before setting off for your destination.

Overlooking small details can result in a less-than-pleasant drive; we've talked with some of our engineers here at Fastway to put together this infographic of safe towing tips, so that you and your crew can have peace of mind and an easier, safer towing experience!

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