The Fastway Fortress: The Most Universal Coupler Lock

You invest a lot into your trailer, and we want you to have peace of mind knowing it's secure while you're away. Locking your trailer coupler is the best way to keep your trailer safe. It protects the trailer by making it nearly impossible for a thief to hook up your trailer to their vehicle.

Trailer couplers are built differently. Some have a different hitch ball size, different latch mechanisms, an inverted coupler, or a wider flange. Most coupler locks are only tested on a few coupler types, which can be frustrating for trailer owners, because it can be hard to know if the trailer lock will fit your coupler until after the purchase is made.

That's why we developed the Fastway® Fortress™. It is the most universal coupler lock available, fitting nearly every trailer type. Our engineers designed a coupler lock that would fit boats, RVs, ATV trailers, horse trailers, and more. Between our customers and engineers the Fortress has been tested on thousands of different couplers and we have never found a coupler it doesn't fit. With the thick housing, its incredible strength, and a lock that is almost impossible to pick, you can be confident that not only will it fit your customers' trailer couplers, but the trailer stays safe and secure.

Read our story about how the Fastway® FORTRESS™ saved a trailer owner thousands of dollars!


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