The Only Ball Mount With a Built-In Receiver Lock

The FLASH™ Adjustable Locking Ball Mount (ALBM) makes hitching and unhitching faster and easier and is the safest, most theft-proof ball mount on the market. With its built-in dual locking system, there is no separate hitch pin needed. The adjustment pin and the hitch pins are built right into the ball mount, so they cannot be snapped off or broken.

The dual hitch balls make it easy for you to tow different trailers, and because we only use the strongest, highest-quality aluminum, the ALBM is built to last. The ALBM is superior in durability and mechanics and is corrosion resistant, so it works great for years!

Save yourself the inconvenience of a separate locking hitch pin and put your mind at ease knowing your ball mount is safely locked into your receiver and won't go missing while you're away.

"There are a number of videos on YouTube that show how easy it is to break a hitch pin and steal a ball mount. With the ABLM, I never have to worry about my hitch going missing. It is virtually impossible to steal and the easiest to adjust. Not having to reach up under my bumper and mess with a separate hitch pin that gets in the way of my chains and cables is a big convenience, and knowing that it is safe in my receiver and won't be stolen is the reason why the ALBM is my favorite ball mount on the market." -Rich Elliott


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A Complete Guide to FLASH Ball Mount Maintenance

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