The Quietest Ball Mount on the Market

The FLASH™ Silent Tow Ball Mount (STBM) completely eliminates annoying hitch noise, giving you a quiet, enjoyable ride. Gone are worrisome ball mount clunks and rattles, because its advanced design powerfully secures the shank to the receiver and the hitch ball to the shank. The anti-rattle mechanism and custom hex key also help protect the STBM from theft, giving you peace of mind.

Each STBM is precision-machined in the Mountain West, making it stronger and longer lasting than any other aluminum ball mount. When you buy a hitch in the Fastway® FLASH™ Ball Mount family, you are buying the best quality available, built by people who take pride in their work, right here in America.

Here are a couple reviews from our customers about the Flash STBM.

"Customers love how quiet the STBM sits in the back of their receiver tube. Whether they are towing their ATVs with it, or taking a drive up the canyon without a trailer, the hitch is silent. I've been asked several times why we don't call it the 'Silent Tow'!"
-Jason B., Inside Sales
"The solid tow really does make towing quiet. I didn't think that was possible. Nice work."
-Chad R.


Which Type of Hitch is Best for Your Setup

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