Weight Distribution Hitches vs. Airbags

Weight distribution hitch vs airbags - what are the differences?

Airbags are great, but they are not a replacement for a weight-distribution hitch (WDH) like the e2. When installed properly, a weight distribution hitch has the following benefits:

Benefits of a Weight Distribution Hitch

1. It shifts weight to the front axle;
2. It reduces sag caused by the trailer’s tongue weight;
3. It provides more stability when encountering cross winds.

Differences between Weight Distribution Hitches and Airbags

Like an airbag, a WDH will raise back of the tow vehicle, reducing some of the sag caused by the trailer’s tongue weight. But the way a WDH raises the rear of the truck is key – it uses torsion to shift a percentage of the tongue weight to the front axle of the tow vehicle.

This is the key difference between a WDH and airbags. Without shifting some of the tongue weight to the front axle, you‘re likely to have problems in a fast stop or emergency maneuver. When you brake hard, the weight of the trailer shifts forward and pushes down on the hitch ball harder than normal, which causes the truck to lose front wheel traction. When that happens, you can lose steering and braking capacity.

A WDH resists the trailer’s nose-dive, and keeps the trailer’s tongue weight transferred forward. By using airbags instead of a WDH, in the same panic stop as above, the trailer weight will shift forward, pushing down on the hitch ball. The hitch will then push down on the rear of the truck. Since the airbags are resisting that downward force (at the axle), they become a pivot point, and the front end can get light very quickly. This can all be avoided by using the e2, which will help keep your front wheels on the ground, where they belong. And when you are passing semi-trailers or encountering crosswind, an airbag suspension system provides zero sway control.

With the e2 hitch, you have two points of sway control, in addition to weight-distribution, providing safety and security for both your trailer and the important cargo sitting on the front seat next to you.

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