When to Buy a New Ball Mount

A ball mount is an essential part of any vehicle towing setup. It acts as the connector between the trailer and the vehicle, allowing you to safely tow your cargo with ease. But, like all equipment, it’s subject to wear and tear over time. Keeping that in mind, it’s important to know when it’s time to replace your ball mount and buy a new one. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that indicate it may be time for a new ball mount.

Signs You Need a New Ball Mount

Visible Damage

The first sign that your ball mount needs replacing is if there is visible damage or corrosion on the metal components. If your ball mount is more than five years old, chances are it has begun to rust or corrode. This can cause weak spots in the metal, making it unsafe for use. Similarly, if there is any visible damage such as cracks or bends in the metal, then you should replace your ball mount immediately.

Excessive Sway

Another sign that you need a new ball mount is if you notice excessive movement or sway when you attach and detach your trailer from the vehicle. If this happens, then there may be wear and tear on the hitch pin or locking mechanism which can result in an unsafe connection between the two parts.

Safety Concerns

If you aren’t confident towing with your current ball mount, its time for an upgrade. Whether your concerns are based on visible issues or simply the general age of your ball mount, its always best to air on the side of caution. If you experience any jolting or shaking during your tow, it could be a major sign to replace your ball mount. An unstable ride could lead to your trailer detaching from your tow vehicle, which would be disasterous.

Another issue is decreased performance. This could include difficulty in aligning the trailer with the hitch pin or increased noise during use which could be caused by worn out rubber bushings or loose components within the ball mount assembly. Whether you’re certain of damage or just have suspicions, its better to be safe than sorry. A new ball mount is an essential purpose the second you lose faith in the old one.

Long Lasting, Corrosion Resistant Ball Mounts

If its been over five years since you purchased your ball mount, consider the possibility of getting a replacement. Whether you’re dealing with visible cracks or standard wear and tear, knowing when to trade up is vital to a safe and secure towing experience. Especially when towing valuable cargo like a boat or ATV, a damaged ball mount could lead to dire financial consequences.

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