Which Flash Ball Mount Is the Best Fit for You?

When you purchase a new trailer or tow vehicle, its important to make sure you are using the right size ball mount for your setup. To make it easy for you to determine which ball mount is best for you, we have created an infographic that covers some of our most frequently asked questions:

How do I determine my gross vehicle weight (GVW)?

Understanding your gross vehicle weight (GVW) is important for any driver, whether you're operating a small personal vehicle or a large commercial truck. Determining your GVW can help you avoid weighing violations and keep your vehicle safe on the road. So how do you find your GVW? The simplest method is to check your vehicle's owner's manual or the manufacturer's website. Alternatively, you can weight your vehicle or trailer by driving to a local truck stop or other location with a vehicle scale.

What is my gross trailer weight (GTW)?

GTW is the total weight of a trailer, including all the cargo, fuel, and accessories on board when it is fully loaded. Exceeding the GTW limit can lead to dangerous situations on the road, such as reduced braking performance and loss of control. To find your GTW, you can check the owner's manual of your vehicle or the manufacturer's plate on the trailer.

How do I determine trailer tongue weight?

Your trailer tongue weight is the amount of weight that is placed on the hitch ball by the trailer. The recommended tongue weight is 10-15% of the GTW. To find your trailer tongue weight, first position your trailer on a flat surface and make sure it's perfectly level. Next, disconnect it from your towing vehicle and place a tongue weight scale under the hitch coupler. Then, lift the trailer until it's just off the scale. The weight that's displayed on the scale is your trailer's tongue weight. Remember, ensuring that your tongue weight is within the recommended limit is crucial for a stable and balanced ride.

Which FLASH Ball Mount should I buy?

Each FLASH Ball mount has a different weight capacity listed on its specifications page. The FLASH SIMPLE Ball mount has a max trailer weight of 10,000lbs; meaning it has a max tonuge weight of 1,000lbs. The standard SSBM (Solid Steel Ball Mount) can carry up to 12,000lbs. And the SSBM HD has a maximum trailer weight of 20,000 pounds! To browse our FLASH Ball Mount Catalogue, check out the product library here.

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