Which Type of Hitch is Best for Your Setup

This summer pickuptrucks.com published an article about the different trailers on the market, and the different hitching systems meant to be used with them.

We think you'll find the "bumper-pull" section of this article both interesting and helpful. We asked our Fastway Product Engineer, Jason Harper, to weigh in on the article, and the best hitches to use in every bumper-pull situation.


Bumper-Pull Hitches

Fixed ball mount:

[Pickup Trucks 101] Fixed ball mounts are generally the cheapest and most common type of hitch available. They are connected to conventional receives and come in a variety of fixed heights. They are available in almost any drop or rise needed, but the most common are straight 2-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch drop/rise hitches. Weight ratings range from a few thousand pounds to more than 20,000 pounds; every hitch should be identified with its weight rating. Generally they are equipped with a removable hitch ball, but there are versions with three different size hitch ball and a tow hook for added versatility. They are usually made of steal, but aluminum versions can be found.

[Harper] If you don't tow much or have only one trailer, a fixed ball mount may be your perfect fit.

When purchasing a ball mount look for high quality, superior performance, and strength. At Fastway Trailer, our FLASH ball mounts are the best out there. Our high strength aluminum ball mounts have tow ratings twice of typical fixed ball mounts - 10,000 lb trailer/1,000 lb tongue weight. Each ball mount is light weight, strong, and won't rust. To get the right drop/rise for your needs there are different ball mount sizes options (2", 4" and 6" drop/rise), and an option to get an integrated lock to make sure the ball mount is secure.


Adjustable ball mount:

[Pickup Trucks 101] These are some of the most versatile hitches on the market. They are a great option for those who tow multiple trailers. Many have two or three different hitch ball sizes on them, and they can be adjusted to keep the trailer level (i.e. safer). While useful for single axle trailers, an adjustable height hitch is especially beneficial on muti-axle trailers for towing safely and longevity of trailer tires. Both steel and aluminum versions are available. Some of them have built-in locks, tongue weight scales, and anti-rattle features. Like fixed ball mounts, adjustable ball mounts are available in many sizes, but are most commonly found in the 4-to-10-inch drop range. They are also available in weight ratings from a few thousand pounds to more than 20,000 pounds. While their cost is significantly more than fixed ball mounts, their versatility is often worth the extra money.

[Harper] If you do more towing and need one hitch for multiple trailer sizes, heights, and weights, and adjustable FLASH ball mount will get the job done while saving you time and money. There's no need to buy a different ball mount for each trailer, or waste time looking for and switching between (not to mention storing) several different ball mounts. FLASH adjustable ball mounts have multiple rise/drop adjustment ranges to pick from and multiple hitch ball size options. Exceptional design and engineering along with intense testing ensure FLASH hitches are strong and durable allowing for impressive tow ratings you can trust.

FLASH ball mounts are quick and easy to use, reliable, and made from high quality materials.


All four of the FLASH adjustable ball mounts have a 2.5" size option for Heavy Duty and Super Duty hitch receivers with trailer ratings up to 20,000 lb.

Weight Distribution Hitches

[Pickup Trucks 101] Weight distribution hitches use conventional bumper-pull connections but have added components to redistribute a good portion of the load to the front axle of a tow vehicle from the rear bumper. This improves handling, braking and overall driving dynamics when towing. Many weight-distribution hitches also provide sway control, which helps keep the trailer in line with the tow vehicle. This is especially useful in windy conditions and for passing, or when being passed by tractor trailers. They are most useful on trailers that are easily effected by wind, like travel trailers, or for light-duty pickups and SUVs towing near their limits.

[Harper] When it comes to weight distribution and sway control, choose a Fastway e2 hitch. When your trailer and/or tongue weight is heavy and near the maximum capacity of your tow vehicle it is critical to have a high quality and capable weight distribution hitch. The e2 Trunnion and e2 Round Bar models are strong and durable with high strength spring bars to confidently and comfortably distribute and stabilize the weight of your trailers. These e2 hitches will significantly increase the handling of your vehicle and make your towing experience more enjoyable.


The best part of the e2 weight distribution hitch is its built-in sway control. The e2 hitch uses rigid brackets on the trailer frame to provide stability and control of the trailer. Friction points between the brackets and the spring arms create automatic active sway dampening. You don't have to connect or disconnect add on sway control or turn the sway control on or off. The moment you hook up the weight distribution it begins to actively reduce trailer sway.

The active nature of the e2 hitch's friction means it is always working. It doesn't wait until the trailer begins to sway. It doesn't only work when the trailer is straight behind you. If you are turning or the trailer hasn't even started to sway, the e2 is working to prevent sway from starting. Some sway control hitches function by trying to push the trailer back to center. This method isn't fighting or reducing sway, it only pushes the trailer back toward center, retaining the energy in the system due to the trailer movement. This also doesn't work if trailer sway begins while in a turn, because it still tries to push the trailer back to center. The dampening effect of the Fastway e2 friction sway control takes the energy of trailer sway out of the system by constantly resisting trailer movement in any direction at any time whether going straight or turning.


Whether you are towing a travel trailer and need the sway control and weight distribution the e2 hitch provides, or if you are towing multiple trailer and need an adjustable FLASH ball mount - Fastway Trailer has the best hitch for your setup.

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