Which Type of Hitch is Best for Your Setup

At Fastway Trailer Products, we understand that choosing the right hitch for your towing setup is not just about compatibility; it's about ensuring safety, efficiency, and peace of mind on the road. With a plethora of towing products and accessories available in the market, it can become overwhelming for even the most experienced trailer owners to make an informed decision. Recognizing this challenge, we turned to one of our most knowledgeable and experienced experts, Jason Harper, a seasoned Product Engineer at Fastway, to shed some light on this crucial topic.


Bumper-Pull Hitches

Bumper-pull hitches, as explained by Jason Harper, are among the most common and versatile towing hitches available, suitable for a wide range of towing needs. These hitches are mounted directly onto the vehicle's bumper or to a frame hitch attached to the vehicle's chassis, making them an accessible option for many drivers. Bumper-pull hitches are designed for towing lighter loads, such as small trailers, boats, and utility trailers. They are characterized by their ease of use and straightforward installation, offering a practical solution for everyday towing tasks. Despite their simplicity, it's crucial to ensure that the vehicle's bumper is rated for towing and that the weight of the trailer and its cargo does not exceed the towing capacity of the hitch or the vehicle. This type of hitch provides an excellent balance between utility and convenience, making it a popular choice for casual towing and recreational activities.

Fixed Ball Mounts:

Fixed ball mounts are the most affordable and widely used hitch type for pickup trucks. They easily attach to standard receivers and are available in various heights, with the most common being 2-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch drops or rises. Their weight capacity ranges from a few thousand to over 20,000 pounds, and each one is clearly marked with its weight limit. Most have a detachable hitch ball, though some models offer three different ball sizes and a tow hook for extra versatility. While typically made of steel, aluminum options are also available for those seeking a lighter material.


Adjustable Ball Mounts:

Adjustable ball mounts are highly versatile and perfect for anyone who needs to tow different trailers. They come with two or three hitch ball sizes, allowing you to adjust the height to keep your trailer level and safe, particularly important for trailers with more than one axle. Available in both steel and aluminum, these mounts often feature built-in locks, weight scales, and anti-rattle systems. Although they're pricier than fixed ball mounts, their adaptability makes them a valuable investment, offering sizes typically ranging from a 4-to-10-inch drop and capable of handling weights from a few thousand to over 20,000 pounds.

Jason Harper from Fastway suggests that for frequent towers with varied trailer requirements, an adjustable Fastway ball mount is an efficient choice. It eliminates the need for multiple ball mounts by offering various adjustment ranges and ball sizes. FLASH mounts are engineered for strength and durability, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure reliable towing capacities.

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Weight Distribution Hitches

Weight distribution hitches, like those used in pickup trucks, connect to the bumper and help balance the load across the vehicle's axles. This balancing act improves driving, handling, and braking, especially important when towing. Such hitches often come with sway control, which keeps the trailer aligned with the vehicle, reducing swaying in windy conditions or when large vehicles pass by. They're particularly beneficial for towing large, wind-sensitive trailers or when using light-duty pickups and SUVs near their towing capacity.

Fastway's e2 hitch offers an ideal solution for weight distribution and sway control. It's designed for trailers that are heavy or close to the tow vehicle's maximum capacity. The e2 hitches, available in Trunnion and Round Bar models, use strong spring bars to evenly distribute weight, enhancing vehicle control and making towing smoother.

The e2 hitch also features built-in sway control through rigid brackets attached to the trailer, which work with the spring arms to stabilize the trailer automatically. This system begins to reduce sway as soon as it's connected, without the need for manual engagement or disengagement of sway control devices. Unlike other systems that only react to sway or attempt to recenter the trailer, the e2's friction sway control actively prevents sway in any driving condition, absorbing the sway energy and offering a more stable and enjoyable towing experience.

For anyone towing a travel trailer needing sway control and weight distribution, or those requiring an adjustable hitch for multiple trailers, Fastway Trailer offers the best hitch solutions for a variety of setups.

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