Why Every Camper Needs a ONESTEP

Wheel chocks are essential safety equipment when towing a trailer. By preventing the trailer from rolling backwards when unhitched, they are a simple but effective way of preventing accidents and keeping your property safe. Whether you're towing construction materials, boats, trailers or other cargo, wheel chocks are a vital part of any towing setup. With a reliable set of trailer chocks, you can ensure that your payload is secure and stable even if the area around it isn't. By investing in quality wheel chocks for trailers, you can reduce both risks posed to your personnel and property associated with trailer transport.

Stop getting holes in your jeans from kneeling over for wheel chocks! Instead and bending your knees and straining your back to get them into place, you need to try our patented ONESTEP Wheel Chocks. Fastway® ONESTEP™ wheel chocks are easy to install and portable for storage. Rather than a chunk of wood or a flimsy plastic chock, our metallic wheel chocks come with zinc plated wedges to provide a flat yet sturdy surface for your wheels to rest on.

The Fastway ONESTEP features adjustable holes so you can change the length of your chocks to match any distance. Once you've set the right length for your chocks, then drop them to the floor and step on the center. This will flatten the arms of the wheel chocks and apply the side sides firmly against each tire. To remove your wheel chocks, just tug on the attached cable. A small pull upward will cause the arms to release, allowing you to move the vehicle with ease. For a quick demonstration, see the video below. And to learn more, visit the ONESTEP Wheel Chocks page here.

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