Fastway® Anniversary Pack

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75 years of towing experience helped us to create the fastest and easiest towing gear in the world. To commemorate this landmark year, our 75-year anniversary pack has some of our best selling items, including a FLIP™ jack foot, ONESTEP™ wheel chock, and a ZIP™ breakaway cable. Celebrate with us this year and secure your limited-time-only Anniversary Pack at a fantastic price!

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Fastway® Anniversary Pack

The Fastway® FLIP™ jack foot extends your trailer jack by six inches, and saves you 50 cranks both up and down. The FLIP has twice the contact surface area than other jack feet, providing more stability for your trailer. The Flip installs in seconds, with no tools needed for most applications, and fits nearly every 2-1/4" tongue jack- round or square.

The Flip eliminates the need to search for rocks or wood blocks to put under your trailer jack. It is the only jack foot that is completely automatic; the Flip extends down and locks into place when jack is extended, then tucks up under the trailer frame when towing. It easily removes for low clearance situations, and fits virtually every bumper-pull trailer: horse, travel, cargo, RV, ATV, and flat bed.

Fastway® ONESTEP™ stabilizing wheel chocks positively locks both wheels securely in place, allowing you to freely move around in your trailer, with virtually no wheel movement.

After determining the most secure measurement for your trailer, the ONESTEP easily slides into place and can be placed, locked, and removed from a standing position. It is considerably faster and easier to use than chocks that require ratcheting, saving you time and hassle. The ONESTEP offers a custom fit for every trailer, giving you ultimate stability.

The Fastway® ZIP™ eliminates cable fray and protects your fingers from loose, sharp wire and is the best replacement for your damaged or frayed cable. The ZIP keeps your cable off the ground and out of harm’s way while you’re towing and is a safer, more reliable connection from your tow vehicle to your trailer.


The Fastway® Anniversary Pack gets you working and playing faster with:

4' ZIP Breakaway coiled cable w/snap ring, designed to easily thread onto your existing pin.

6" Fastway 2 1/4" Flip Automatic Jack Foot, the perfect size for most travel trailers.

ONESTEP™ single-pack stabilizing wheel chock, for ultimate stabilization so you can move inside your trailer without wheel movement.

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