E Series HD Dual Lock Pack

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5240093048997 E Series HD Dual Lock Pack

Superior in strength, yet lightweight and easy to adjust, the FLASH™ E Series HD™ is the simple heavy duty towing solution. Its hand-polished aluminum looks fantastic on your vehicle and because it is precision machined from the highest quality aluminum, it is gorgeous, built-to-last, and corrosion resistant.

Combine the smart design of the E series HD, with the security of the HD Dual Lock Pack for a fantastic combination of convenience, strength, and security. The HD Dual Lock Pack is a faster, easier, and safer way to securely lock both the ball holder to the drop bar and the drop bar in the receiver.

The Dual Locks are barrel-style, making it nearly impossible to pick or drill – keeping your E Series HD secure. The locks feature a tethered dust cap to keep corrosion and debris out, and are made from hardened steel, making it the toughest lock available.

The FLASH E Series HD is made to fit your 2-1/2" receiver, has a 1,800 lb max tongue weight and an 18,000 lb max trailer weight. It includes 2” & 2-5/16” chrome hitch balls, making it a great choice for towing multiple trailers. The 5/8" diameter locking hitch pin fits all class III, IV, & V receivers, up to 2-1/2".

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Weight Ratings 1,800 lbs tongue weight
18,000 max trailer weight
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FLASH™ SIMPLE HD Ball Mount & Dual Lock Pack

The E series HD™ is gorgeous, surprisingly light, and built to tow your heaviest trailers.

The E series HD is made from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum, which gives it unrivaled corrosion-resistance and a beautiful mirror finish. Designed to tow the heaviest trailers with unmatched versatility from dual hitch balls, the E series HD helps make your towing choice simple.

Highest tow rating of any standard 2-1/2” aluminum ball mount in the industry, so it can handle the heaviest trailers with ease.

With adjustable height and dual hitch balls, it is an excellent choice for towing multiple trailers.

Corrosion resistant, making it a perfect ball mount for boating, coastal regions, or harsh winter environments.

The hand-polished mirror finish and sleek lines complete its simple design and make your truck look fantastic.

Lighter than steel. The aluminum used in every E Series HD gives you unmatched strength and durability. The E Series HD easily handles the heaviest of loads, at about half the weight of comparable steel ball mounts. This makes carrying, adjusting, and installing your E Series HD easy and comfortable.

Proudly made in the USA.

Dual Lock Pack

Securely locks your hitch ball holder to the drop bar, and your drop bar to the receiver. This gives you peace of mind knowing your trailer is safe on the back of your tow vehicle.

Barrel style lock, makes it nearly impossible to pick or drill, keeping your ball mount safe from thieves.

Water and debris are kept out of the lock chamber with the lock’s rubber O-ring, making it smooth and easy to lock and unlock.

Specially designed to fit your E Series HD.

Simple 1/4 turn provides quick locking and unlocking.


E Series HD specifications

1,800 lb max tongue weight

18,000 lb max trailer weight

2-1/2” receiver

2” & 2-5/16” chrome hitch balls

Customer Reviews

Made in the USA

After researching a bunch of hitches, this one was a standout due to its high weight ratings, 18,000 lbs on the 2.516 ball, and 10,000 I believe on the 2” ball. The weights are stamped right into the trailer balls. Many other hitches I looked at including the high end ones were only 14,500 and 7500-8000 for the 2 inch ball. This thing is a bit flashy for my taste, but it matches my chrome bumper on my new Silverado 2500HD really well, regardless. It feels well made, and is really solid without weighing 40 lbs like some other Steel hitches. There is some slop in the mount, but it’s not as bad as some reviews say online or on Amazon, it’s actually acceptable in my opinion. If I could of found a WS or B&W with ratings this high I would’ve bought them. Weigh Safe makes a steel powder coated hitch with I believe a 20,000 lb rating, but it’s heavy, and its $300 without a lock for the pin at the hitch. Also, I’ve read a lot of reviews that say the scale on the weigh safe tends to fail, and in some reviews, quickly. I believe the WS are good quality hitches, and Made in USA, but I didn’t want risk $300 or more if the scale was going to fail. This Fastway also has “made in USA” in it, and appears to be of high quality construction.

I love this hitch!

It's not only heavy duty but it also looks spectacular. My F250 sits very high and thus I needed a hitch with more drop. This one fit the ticket but the picture is deceiving because you cannot fit just any locking pin in the ball mount. After ordering way too many other "extra long" pins, the Fastway 2.5" Flash E-series HD Dual Lock Pack 86-00-3685 with 2 Keys is the only pin I found that was long enough to fit and lock the adjustable ball.

Heads Up

I bought this hitch because of the other reviews and because it is made in the usa. When i opened the box I saw why it was less expensive than all the others... it was only polished on the front... it looks like they attempted to polish one side of it,but stopped halfway. So it feels like quality, but the finish in't there. Just giving others a heads up."

So far, so good

Definitely awesome looking. Glad I bought the Fastway 2.5" Flash E-series HD Dual Lock Pack to go with the hitch. Suggest you do the same. The hitch is a little loose in my factory chevy installed hitch, I had to had some shim to keep it from flopping up and down when hauling a empty small trailer that had no tongue weight. I haven't used it yet on my large trailer but looking forward to it. Glad I bought it so far.

​Man... What I great looking ball mount!

The quality, finish, and of course strength are superb! I couldn't be happier. The price was right, free shipping, and everything came complete and ready to go. I have two trailers requiring different drops, so this kills two birds with one shank. I also purchased the Fastway lock kit specifically for this ball mount, one key opens both locks.

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