FLASH™ Standard Ball Mount (BM)

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516662984755 FLASH™ Standard Ball Mount (BM)

Strong, durable and built to last. The BM makes your truck look fantastic with its hand polished finish and it resists corrosion making it a great choice for humid environments or boat trailers.

Locking hitch pins, specially designed to fit Flash ball mounts, are available for purchase. Add a locking hitch pin to your cart, so you know your Flash ball mount will stay secure in your receiver.

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  • Starting At $79.95
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Weight Ratings 1,000 lbs tongue weight
10,000 max trailer weight
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FLASH™ Standard Ball Mount (BM)

The highest-end, best choice for a strong, durable, and gorgeous fixed-height ball mount. Its hand polished finish looks fantastic and resists corrosion, making it an excellent choice for humid environments.

Each Flash ball mount is precision-machined in the Mountain West with the highest quality material, making it stronger and longer-lasting than any other aluminum ball mount. When you buy a Fastway Flash, you are buying the best quality available, built by people who take pride in their work, right here in America.

Customer Reviews

Great hitch

Great hitch. Maybe a little more expensive than others, but once you own it, you'll never regret the purchase. You really do get what you pay for! It is stronger, lighter, and wow! The shine is impressive. I definitely would recommend this hitch to my friends. In fact, I do.

Totally worth the investment

So, I really wasn't sure I wanted this ball mount, because you can get other ball mounts cheaper, but I am so glad I bought it. I've had it for about a year now, and it still shines beautifully. When I see rusty, cheap ball mounts on other trucks, it reminds me what a great ball mount I have. Totally worth the investment.

This is the best ball mount I have ever owned

This is the best ball mount I have ever owned. Other hitches get rusty and look horrible in just a few months. I've been driving around with mine on all summer and it still shines like it is barnd new. The quality of workmanship is definitely there too. So glad we are still building things in the USA!

I love this hitch

I love this hitch. I get comments on it everywhere I go. After I bought it, I have been noticing how other ball mounts I see look awful. So glad mine looks great and works well too.

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