Flip™ Jack Foot

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Save yourself 50 cranks both up and down with the FLIP. It is completely automatic, extends your trailer jack, and has two times more contact surface area than other jack feet, providing more stability for your trailer, with no springs, cables, pins, or clips required. It is the only jack foot that is completely automatic, and eliminates the need to search for rocks or wood blocks to put under your trailer jack.

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FLIP™ Jack Foot


As you extend your jack, the Flip jack foot extends down, and locks into place.  When you raise your jack, the Flip jack foot automatically tucks up under the frame and out of the way.

There are three Flip size options:

  1. 6″ Flip jack foot to fit a 2-1/4″ jack
  2. 4″ Flip jack foot to fit a 2-1/4″ jack
  3. 6″ Flip jack foot to fit a 2″ jack

Customer Reviews

It saves me a ton of cranks

I wish you could see a picture of the big chunk of wood that used to rest under my trailer foot. It was a monolith. Not only does this make the trailer look so much better, it saves me a ton of cranks. Great product. 

It's really an impressive product

I picked up one of these after I saw a model at a dealership. It's really an impressive product. Not only does it make my trailer look great, it saves me from getting down on my knees to place and remove wood blocks every time I use the trailer. 

Highly recommend to anyone

Before giving this review, I must remark that what it replaced was a 12" tall stump that we used after the toe on our previous jack foot was broken off (we won't get into that story). It was easy and fairly quick to install, and has been terrific to use - the best we have had experience with in all the trailers and toy haulers we have had. Would highly recommend to anyone. 

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