ZIP™ Breakaway Cable

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516666556467 ZIP™ Breakaway Cable

The best replacement for your damaged or frayed cable, The Fastway® ZIP™ eliminates cable fray and protects your fingers from loose, sharp wire.

It keeps your cable off the ground and out of harm’s way while you’re towing and is a safer, more reliable connection from your tow vehicle to your trailer.

If the distance between your brake switch to the connection point on your tow vehicle is less than 3', purchase the 4' ZIP Breakaway Cable. If the distance is more than 3', we recommend the 6' ZIP Breakaway Cable.

The ZIP meets or exceeds all DOT requirements.

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ZIP™ Breakaway Cable


There is a ZIP breakaway cable to fit every trailer. We have two different cable lengths in 3 different styles. The 4′ cables are recommended for bumper pull trailers, and the 6′ cables fit gooseneck or 5th wheel trailers


An entire breakaway safety system replacement- include a switch box with the coiled cable.



The pin is compatible with all ZIP™ switches, most Bargman®brand breakaway switches and other makes with similar pin styles.



The ZIP universal cable replacement is designed with a split ring to easily thread onto your existing pin.


Customer Reviews

Much better product than the straight cable

The coiled cable is a much better product than the straight cable supplied with my tow bar assembly. This allows for a straight run from the RV to the tow vehicle.

Huge upgrade

Huge upgrade from previous cable, and has help up great in the past year.

We use these on all our trailers

We use these on all our trailers after getting tired of the typical frayed wire. Great product even for commercial use.

Great idea

This coiled cable and carabiner is a great idea and item. The breakaway coiled cable keeps it up and out of the way. Looks and function are much better.

Impressed by the quality

When I saw the ZIP on the counter at the dealership, I thought it looked like a great product. This one purchase has led me to buying a number of things from Fastway. I am always so impressed by the quality of each product. I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with next!

I do love the cable not getting in the way

It's super-handy to have the coiled cable, although I had to replace the carabiner with something smaller. The cable is rather long and I have to loop it back and attach it to the coupler latch. I do love the cable not getting in the way of anything.

No more cable in the way

This is definitely worth using. No more cable in the way.

Great product

Great product, have been wanting to pick one up for quite some time. Will be installed on a fifth wheel trailer.

Why didn't I think of it?

Great idea! (Why didn't I think of it?) This will eliminate the cable that is always too long and drags the ground.

The coiled cable is great

This was purchased as a replacement for the original which had seized up. The coiled cable is excellent. The original required taped up coils in the cable to prevent dragging.

Well built, easy to test

This breakaway switch is well built, easy to test. I should have bought 2, I need one for my other trailer. No more finger pricks with the cable. The plastic coating and the coiled cable should help and keep it out of the way and protected.

This product is as described

This product is as described, I like it because it has the ability to swivel back under the bumper when not in use and it came with everything I needed to wire and connect a breakaway switch.

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