Can a Ball Mount be used for Towing Bikes?

When it comes to towing bicycles and motorcycles, selecting the right equipment is crucial to ensure a safe and efficient towing experience. Two common options for towing these types of vehicles are ball mounts and hitches. In this article, we will discuss the differences between ball mounts and hitches and provide guidance on how to tow bicycles vs motorcycles using these towing methods.

Towing Bicycles vs Motorbikes?

Bicycles are relatively lightweight and easier to tow. If you have a ball hitch, you can use a bike rack to tow your bicycles. These racks come in various sizes and styles and can hold up to four bicycles. Some of them even tilt, making it easier to access the rear of your vehicle. A ball mount attaches to the ball on the back of your vehicle and can be used with a bike carrier or trailer, and is more than sufficient for transporting bicycles.

When it comes to towing motorcycles, things get a bit more complicated. Motorcycles are significantly heavier than bicycles; thus, a ball mount is not always recommended. Instead, a trailer hitch is the best option. If you plan to transport multiple motorbikes, it may be best to get a flatbed trailer or a motorcycle trailer that has a chock, which holds the front wheel of the motorcycle. In other words, its not a simple question of ball mounts vs hitches. Rather, your needs will depend on the volume and weight of the bikes or motorbikes being transported.

Weight Considerations for Towing Bikes & Motorcycles

When towing bicycles, it is important to consider the weight of the bikes and the capacity of the ball mount. Ball mounts have weight ratings that indicate the maximum weight they can safely tow. It is crucial to ensure that the combined weight of the bikes and the bike rack does not exceed the weight rating of the ball mount. Additionally, securing the bikes properly on the bike rack is essential to prevent any movement or damage during towing.

When towing motorcycles, proper weight distribution on the trailer is a much greater concern. Securing the bikes via straps and other methods will prevent swaying during towing and maximize stability on the open road. Even if your chosen hitch boasts weight-distribution properties, its important to ensure the cargo in the trailer is evenly spaced as well.

The Best Equipment for Towing Motorbikes & ATVS

Whether you’re towing a mountain bike or a sports bike, Fastway Trailer Products has all the equipment you need to ensure the best possible towing experience. Our high quality ball mounts come in a variety of weight ratings and offer plentiful features including the adjustable locking ball mount and its sister product, the silent towing ball mount.

For larger cargo like ATVs or other small recreational vehicles, you’ll need the sway control and weight distribution properties of Fastway’s e2 trailer hitch. With our patented anti-sway technology, you’ll be able to tow large cargo with ease, regardless of make or model. For more information, check out the e2 information page here.

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