Why are Ball Mounts The Most Common Towing Tool

If you’ve been towing your trailer for any amount of time you’ve probably wondered, why is the ball mount the most common method of towing and hitching? With decades of research and innovation, the classic ball mount remains the most popular and ubiquitous form of towing equipment on the market today. With so many other options available, its only natural to wonder if you’re getting the best. Read on to learn more about alternative hitch types and why ball mounts are the best choice.

What is a Fifth Wheel Hitch?

A fifth wheel hitch is a specialized hitching system primarily designed for heavy duty towing. In particular, fifth wheel hitches are used to tow large campers and commercial trailers. Rather than being located at the rear of the vehicle, a fifth wheel hitch is located on the bed of a pickup truck, much like a gooseneck hitch.

While they are both attached to the truck-bed, there are major differences between a fifth wheel hitch and gooseneck hitch. Firstly, gooseneck hitches rely on ball mounts. Secondly, they are much easier to install and require less technical know-how. Thirdly, gooseneck hitches are designed to sit flat on the truck bed, rather than protrude like a fifth wheel hitch.

The beauty of the fifth wheel hitch is its unmatched stability and safety in terms of connecting the trailer and towing vehicle. However, they are not as common as ball mounts due to the deeply involved installation process and significantly higher price. While a high quality ball mount typically costs $200-300, a 5th Wheel Hitch can easily cost over $1000-1500.

What is a Pintle Hook Hitch?

A pintle hook hitch is designed similar to a clasp like you’d see on a key-chain. Typically, the pintle hook is attached to the back of your towing vehicle, and is secured to the trailer via a lunette ring. However, some pintle hook setups are compatible with ball mounts.

Pintle hooks are a hitch system commonly used for industrial an dmilitary applications. They are designed to endure both vertical and lateral forces, making them durable and reliable when towing expensive cargo.

Athough pintle hooks are inexpensive, they are well known to be loud due to significant slack between the hook and ring. They are not designed with weight distribution in mind, which may lead to a rougher drive and less enjoyable towing experience.

Why Are Ball Mounts So Commonly Used?

When compared to other types of hitch systems; ball mounts are the most inexpensive, easy to install, and easy to access hitch-system on the market today. Most major retailers have ball mounts in stock, and many online retailers can deliver them in under a week. Simply put, the general accessibility of ball mounts makes them the preferred option, especially in regards to long road trips. If somehow your hitch system needs to be replaced, ball mounts are without a doubt, the easiest to handle.

Ball mounts are also the most versatile of hitch systems. They can be adjusted for height, augmented with weight distribution add-ons, and even used in unconventional ways. If your vehicle has a strong suspension, you can add a front-mounted hitch for things like a ball mounted bike rack. Though uncommon, the sheer adaptability of ball mounts make them the obvious choice for the vast majority of motorists.

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