Announcing The FLASH™ SIMPLE HD Ball Mount

Here at Fastway Trailer Products we are happy to announce our brand new, FLASH™ SIMPLE HD Ball Mount. Originally branded as the E-Series Ball Mount, our product library is now marked as the Flash Ball Mount product line. There are five ball mounts total, each with its own advantages over the others. Our steel ball mounts are sturdy, our silent ball mounts reduce hitch rattle, and our simple ball mounts offer the best deal. For more information about FLASH Series Ball Mounts, check out our product library and follow our Facebook page today.

While the original FLASH Simple Ball Mount could handle 1,000 pounds of tongue weight and a max trailer weight of 10,000 pounds; the new and improved FLASH HD surpasses expectations. When you need to tow a heavy load and want a ball mount you can rely on, its time to upgrade to the HD version of this ball mount.

The FLASH™ SIMPLE HD Ball Mount has weight ratings allowing for 1,800 lbs of tongue weight and 18,000 lbs of max trailer weight. When you need a lightweight aluminum ball mount that still offers heavy duty towing capabilities, the FLASH HD Ball Mount is the product for you. The E series HD is built to fit a 2-1/2" receiver and is among the highest rated aluminum ball mounts on the market today. When you need peace of mind for towing large loads, the FLASH™ SIMPLE HD Ball Mount is the best choice for you.

E series HD Quick Facts

For a visual demonstration and explanation; Watch our new video below to learn more!

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