Why You Need The Fastway Flip Jack Foot

Towing your trailer on the open road can be a relaxing opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, if you have the right equipment! In a recent blog we discussed the value of Fastway’s Fortress Coupler Lock, which prevents would-be thieves from towing away your cargo. But aside from locks and ball mounts, we have one more essential piece to your towing and hitch setup. With the Fastway FLIP™ Jack Foot, you’ll be able to save time and energy with our intuitive automatic jack foot design.

What is a Trailer Jack?

The trailer jack is the equipment used to lift a trailer up, so it can be hitched to a towing vehicle. In more technical terms, it mechanically lifts and lowers the tongue of the trailer. Naturally, trailer jacks are made of heavy-duty and durable materials, in order to provide the strength and longevity needed when you make stops on your towing journey.

Trailer Jacks can be either electric or manual, and are an essential part of any towing setup. Even when your towing vehicle is unhitched from the cargo, a trailer jack is essential for stabilizing your trailer so cargo may be loaded and unloaded during a stop. For more information, check out our articles on hitch jacks, an alternate name for the same product.

What is a Trailer Jack Foot?

As the name implies, the trailer jack foot is an accessory to the trailer jack, mounted at the bottom of the item. Some jack foots provide a wider base for increased stability. Others provide a corrosion resistant surface, so the trailer jack itself is protected from the elements on the ground. And of course, some jack foots provide an extension to your trailer jack to make it a big longer. Without that extension, you’ll be forced to improvise like in the accompanying photo. Rather than carry a block of wood everywhere you go, there is a more reliable and seamless option you can count on.

What makes Fastway’s FLIP™ Jack Foot Different?

Unlike other trailer jack foots that offer a limited list of benefits, the Fastway FLIP™ has all of the aforementioned benefits, and more! The wide steel base provides stability regardless of the surface. Whether you’re stopping in dirt or grass or something else entirely; the FLIP jack foot provides unmatched stability. The 6 inch version can handle up to 1400 pounds of tongue weight, while the 4 inch version can handle up to 1600 pounds. So when it comes to strength, the FLIP jack foot is top of the line.

Most importantly of all, the Fastway FLIP Jack Foot extends your trailer jack by 4-6 inches with an automatic design. For maximum convenience, the FLIP extends down when the trailer jack is extended, and tucks itself under the trailer frame when towing. This ensures you have a jack foot that’s easy to use and perfect for low-clearance situations.

Don’t waste time swapping out equipment looking for the perfect solution. Fastway’s FLIP Jack Foot offers the strength, convenience, and utility that you need to make your text towing experience simple and easy. For more information, check out the Fastway FLIP Jack Foot product page today!

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