FLASH™ Adjustable Locking Ball Mount & Fortress Lock Keyed-Alike Pack

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5239554932901 FLASH™ Adjustable Locking Ball Mount & Fortress Lock Keyed-Alike Pack

Our new ALBM and Fastway® FORTRESS™ Combo pack provides maximum theft protection with keyed-alike locks, so you only need one key to lock and unlock both your ALBM and coupler lock.

Dual hitch balls make hooking up to different trailers quick and easy, and the strength and durability of the ALBM offers years of dependable towing. The built-in locks eliminate the need for separate hitch and adjustment pins and are corrosion resistant. The locks are easy to operate and protected with a tethered cover, so you know your ALBM will withstand years of weather, use, and corrosion.

Combined with a FORTRESS coupler lock, the most secure and universal trailer coupler lock available, you have the ultimate security package.

The Fastway FORTRESS keeps your trailer secure. It is the toughest coupler lock available, made from the highest corrosion resistant material and fits virtually every coupler style. In fact, after years of testing, we haven’t found a coupler it doesn’t fit. The lock has a hinged cover, protecting it from dirt, debris, rust, water, and ice. With its thick housing, incredible strength, and a lock that’s almost impossible to pick, you can be confident your trailer is safe.

Save time, effort, and gain peace of mind with the ALBM and FORTRESS Combo Pack. Upgrade for maximum security today!

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Weight Ratings 1,000 lbs tongue weight
10,000 max trailer weight

FLASH™ SECURE Ball Mount & Fortress Keyed-Alike Pack


The ALBM features the best anit-theft system on the market with the locking hitch pin and adjustment pin built into the ball mount for maximum security. With easy access, front-facing locks, key holes are easy to access on the front of the ball mount, so you don’t have to reach up behind your bumper to lock, unlock, or make adjustments. The tethered dust covers protect locks by keeping dirt, water, and corrosion out of the lock mechanisms ensuring smooth locking and unlocking for years to come.

Each ALBM is precision-machined in the Mountain West with the highest quality materials, making it stronger and longer lasting than any other aluminum ball mount. When you buy an ALBM, you are buying the best quality available, built by people who take pride in their work, right here in America.

1,000 lb. max tongue wt. / 10,000 lb. max trailer wt. Strong enough for your heaviest toys, yet lightweight and easy to adjust.


The most secure and universal trailer coupler lock available, fits virtually all 1-7/8”, 2”, and 2-5/16” tongue type trailer couplers. Made from the highest quality corrosion resistant materials, the unique design uses a hardened steel reversible “U” shaped shackle that allows the lock to fit almost any trailer coupler style and is easily accessed from the front.

Locking and unlocking the FORTRESS is quick and easy with a front-facing keyhole so there isn't anything to reach around to turn the key. The lock cylinder is smooth, making it an easy key turn. The solid engagement of the dual locking pins into both ends of the shackle provides the most security and peace of mind you can get in a coupler lock. The lock has a winged cover, protecting it from dirt, debris, rust, water, and ice.



The ALBM offers the best anti-theft system and highest-quality material to be toughest aluminum ball mount on the market. The ALBM model is available in four different drops, and both the 2" and 2-1/2' shank sizes.


4, 6, 8, or 10 inch drops

Dual hitch balls (1-7/8″ and 2″ combo, or 2″ and 2-5/16″ combo)

Chrome plated or stainless steel hitch balls

Stainless tri-ball system includes all 3 hitch ball sizes

2″ or 2-1/2″ shank sizes

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