The Best Trailer Chain Holder on the Market Today

Anyone who’s been towing for a while knows how quickly trailer chain drag can become a nuisance. Whether you’re using a simple ball mount or a weight distribution hitch, you know that the chains in your setup can often dip a little low and drag on the ground. Not only can this be a hazard leading to sparks and wildfires, but it also accelerates wear and tear, quickly becoming an unnecessary expense in your trailer setup.

When you suffer from chain dragging and need a solution, you need Fastway Trailer’s CHAIN UP Safety Chain Holder. Here at Fastway Trailer Products, our focus is on safety and keeping your chains secure and organized while in transit. The CHAIN UP is easy to use and extremely effective at eliminating clanking and dragging on virtually any towing setup. In this article, we'll discuss why having a trailer chain holder is essential for any trailer owner.

What is a Trailer Chain Holder?

A trailer chain holder is designed to hold the chains used for towing purposes. Safety chains are situated right below your coupler and ball mount as a last line of defense for your towing setup. The chains are intended to withstand the tension between the towing vehicle and trailer, just in case your coupler comes loose during towing.

The Fastway CHAIN UP is a light-weight and easy to use. Simply slip it over your ball mount like in the photo shown, and you’re ready to go! The Chain Up will hold your trailer chains so they don’t drag and become a hazard to the people around you. Whether you’re hauling heavy duty cargo or just a small travel trailer on the open road, the CHAIN UP is an essential to any towing setup.

The Benefits of a Trailer Chain Holder

Secure and Easy Storage

The Chain Up provides the perfect place to store your chains when not in use. These holders are designed to keep your chains securely in place, ensuring that they don't become tangled or lost during transport. The simple design makes it easy to install, and it can be used on any type of vehicle or trailer. This makes it an ideal solution for anyone who needs quick and easy storage for their chains.

Convenient Design

The convenience feature of a trailer chain holder cannot be understated. Not only does it provide a secure place to store your chains, but it also helps protect them from weather damage as well as wear and tear caused by regular use. The holders come in multiple types so that you can choose one that fits perfectly on your vehicle or trailer, making it easier than ever to keep your chains organized and safe while on the go.

Protection Against Damage

Having a trailer chain holder can also help prevent damage caused by loose or tangled chains while driving down the road or over rough terrain. With this type of holder, you never have to worry about the chains dragging along the ground as they would if they were simply tied together loosely or thrown into the back of your truck bed without protection. This can help reduce any potential damage that could be caused by heavy-duty use over time. Another danger of chain dragging is loose chains getting caught in road debris or obstructions on the open road. However unlikely, its better to be safe than sorry.

Make Fastway’s Trailer Chain Holder a part of your Towing Setup Today

When you need a solid and reliable chain holder for your towing setup, Fastway’s CHAIN UP is the perfect tool for the job. Our simple and safe design allows for easy storage and installation in mere seconds. Whether you’re worried about sparks, rattling, or just keeping your chain from the wear and tear of chain dragging; our patented trailer chain holder has everything you need in one small package.

For an extra layer of safety and peace of mind, check out the Fastway CHAIN UP chain holder today.

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