Protect your 7-Pin Plug from Bugs and Corrosion

7 pin plugs are essential components in any towing setup. They account for the majority of the electrical connections between a trailer and the tow vehicle, allowing for features such as brake lights, turn signals and reverse lamps. Installing a 7 pin plug is straightforward but care must be taken to ensure it doesn't get corroded. When you want a reliable electrical connection between your vehicle and trailer, you need the 7-Pin Plug Cover from Fastway Trailer Products.

For under $10, you'll be able to mitigate the expensive maintenance cost of having to replace your 7-way trailer plug. Our plug cover protects your pin from moisture, dirt, and other particles that may lead to corrosion over time. Our simple plug features a handy tether, so it won't get lost. Our 7-way plug cover also prevents bugs and other small insects from getting caught in sensitive parts of your towing setup.

For a visual presentation, check out this video by Dave from Fastway Trailer Products

A 7-pin wiring harness is the ideal choice for anyone who frequently tows trailers or other items. Such an accessory makes it easy to connect your trailer bed's power sources to the electrical requirements of your vehicle. It also provides a safer way to make sure that all necessary lights and signals work properly as you drive. The 7-pin wiring harness offers superior reliability while eliminating the need for separate wiring components such as switches and fuses, since everything runs through the single connection. Many owners find it helpful to consult a licensed auto electrician before making installation decisions, ensuring that everything is set up safely and correctly so their journey can be smooth and enjoyable.

When you love towing, your trailer is not the only investment you're making. Protect your 7-pin wiring harness with Fastway's Plug Cover today!

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