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Fastway e2® Weight Distribution Hitch

For the best and safest towing experience, you need the e2® hitch, providing you with faster and easier weight distribution and sway control.

The e2® hitch gives you faster and easier sway control and weight distribution without the hassle of chains or add-on sway bars. With its built-in sway control, the e2 hitch has no backing, turning, or weather restrictions - when you need sway control the most. Its rigid brackets give you permanent sway control for smarter, safer towing.

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e2® Hitch

The Fastway e2® weight distribution hitch offers faster and easier sway control and weight distribution. With built-in, permanent sway control, you can hitch up, tow, and unhitch with ease. There is nothing extra to connect or store, and nothing to remove when backing or making a tight turn.

The e2's rigid brackets provide two points of steel-on-steel friction, constantly working to fight sway. Its unique design provides a level ride while minimizing sway caused by winds, semi trailers and sudden maneuvers.

The e2 hitch comes in round-bar and trunnion styles. Both offer fast and easy sway control and weight distribution. The e2's smart design can be installed around gas tanks and battery boxes, works with surge brakes, and can accommodate any trailer type.

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How to install the e2® Hitch

e2® Round Bar Hitch Owners Manual

e2® Trunnion Bar Owners Manual

e2® Hitch Replacement Parts


The Fastway® e2™ Weight Distribution Hitch comes in round bar and trunnion styles. Both offer fast and easy built-in sway control and weight distribution. If ground clearance is a consideration in your setup, one of the e2 trunnion hitches will work great for you. Below are the hitches we offer in both the round bar and trunnion styles:

*Includes 2 5/16″ hitch ball installed

Trunnion Style Hitches

Part # Max Tongue Max Trailer
92-00-0450 450 lbs. 4,500 lbs.
92-00-0600 600 lbs. 6,000 lbs.
92-00-0800 800 lbs. 8,000 lbs.
92-00-1000 1,000 lbs. 10,000 lbs.
92-00-1065* 1,000 lbs. 10,000 lbs.
92-00-1200 1,200 lbs. 12,000 lbs.

Round Bar Style Hitches

Part # Max Tongue Max Trailer
94-00-0600 600 lbs. 6,000 lbs.
94-00-0800 800 lbs. 8,000 lbs.
94-00-1000 1,000 lbs. 10,000 lbs.
94-00-1061* 1,000 lbs. 10,000 lbs.

Customer Reviews

I could not believe how effortless the pull was

Bought your 10,000 lb weight distribution hitch for our 35' long, 6,800 lb travel trailer. Towed it about 30 miles on 4/13/18 from storage to our house in winds gusting up to 50 mph. It performed perfectly. The next day was a 2.5 hour pull to our campground NE of Columbus, Ohio. I couldn't not believe how effortless the pull was. At times I was literally able to have one hand on the steering wheel if needed. Thanks for this great product!

Easy setup

Installed the e2 6,000 lb trunnion hitch for an 18 ft travel trailer. Pulling it with a 2015 Tacoma V6. Works great! Got the setup right on the first try. Instructions were very good. Happy with the product.

Absolutely love the product

Absolutely love the product. Towed my 25 ft toy hauler across the country and all over the south with it. No problems and it makes a great towing experience!

No swaying of any kind

Our friends recommended that we get the e2 trunnion hitch for our 26 ft Jayco mated to our F150. Everything has been great. It is easy to hook up and disconnect, and when pulling, the trailer is stable and we have no swaying of any kind.

Love my weight distribution hitch

Love my weight distribution hitch. Does everything I expect of it. Easy on and easy off. No chains to remove when backing up.

Peace of mind

I've been getting peace of mind and safety using my Fastway e2 hitch for a few years. Now I've had to use their Customer Service. I got fast, intelligent answers, good news, and quick service. Got to be one of the best customer service departments I've ever dealt with. Thank you, Fastway.

No more chains and sway bars

No more chains and sway bars. Love it. Easy on and off. Good quality too. Install was easy. Awesome product.

Fastway is the Rightway!

Since we got our trailer over 1.5 years ago, we used e2 weight distribution system and I'm so satisfied and happy about it. Fastway is the Rightway!

Trusted hitch

Can't tell you how much I trust your hitch. Even the 8,000 lb hitch has the truck and trailer level. If I ever get a heavier rig, I will most certainly buy another hitch from you guys. Again, thank you.

Tow confidently

Hello, just wanted to say I love my trunnion e2 hitch. First time towing a travel trailer, and the hitch has helped boost my confidence.

We feel very safe

We have been using your weight distribution hitch for our 31 ft. Komfort trailer for 10 years now... Never a worry or an issue this entire time. We feel very safe in our 37 states we have visited so far.

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